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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:Privacy Policy

Below mentioned is the privacy policy of vjcyber.com.

We www.vjcyber.com have the most concern about the privacy of our valuable readers and clients. We are always keen to protect the information of our readers and clients up to most possible condition of safety of information. We always comply with the government policy of information security. The use of www.vjcyber.com is possible with complying and agreeing with the below mentioned privacy policy.

What and when we collect information?

We do not collect personal information of our blog readers. We only collect personal information from the clients who are willing to join us on tours. This information is collected via website, telephone, emails and fax. We may also collect personal information from you from any online registrations including but not limited to subscriptions, newsletters, surveys or competitions etc.

If you visit our website we do not collect any of the information until you not fill any form or not communicate for registration as blogger or book any of the tours. We only collect the personal information which you disclose to us, such as when you place a booking. If you do not provide your personal information we may be unable to fulfill your booking or purchase.

Other than this we do not collect any kind of information until and unless we do not take permission from you.

Our Security and Storage Measures

We always take all the measures to keep your data at safe location. We always use high end facilities for transferring your data. High end secure servers are used for this purpose. We do not allow our employees to check your data except the authorized trusted persons. For the internet transmission of data cent percent security we do not commit. Any unauthorized access in spite of our utmost efforts to your personal information, we will not be responsible.


Right now we do not store any cookies.

Use of third Party Devices:

On our website you will see time to time advertisements of third parties. These third parties advertisements are served by advertisement companies and sometime directly by our valued partners. The privacy policy of these advertisers are as per their privacy policy. These advertisers or advertising networks may place cookies, action tags or other tracking devices on your hard drive to assess the effectiveness of their ads. They may aggregate information about your visits to our website and other websites retrieved via such cookies with other information that you may have provided directly to the relevant advertiser or ad network. This Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies and other tracking devices by third parties. This will be covered by that third party’s privacy policies and practice and we would recommend that you take a look at these which in most cases will be found on that company’s website.

Opting out

It is your right to block the cookies of any third party from your browser setting. We do not have any objection on this. Please ask your browser support how to block it if you do not know it. The cookies setting are usually available under the settings of all of the browsers. Some browsers use word option instead of setting or prefrences.

You cannot block "session" cookies as they are required for our website to function correctly, but you can configure your Internet browser so that it can reject both "permanent" and "third party" cookies. Please refer to the relevant Internet browser manufacturer's website where you should be able to receive all the information you need.

The IAB has provided the following website to give information specifically about privacy issues around Internet advertising: youronlinechoices.co.uk/uk

Use of your personal information by www.vjcyber.com

We use your personal information for the billing purpose and also for booking and confirmations of your orders. We also use your information about guiding you with the tours. Your personal information may also be used with the partners providing us with services. We do not provide the tour services by ourselves but from our partners in UAE. We are not responsible for any of the information related to us and obtain from third parties except www.vjcyber.com

If you subscribe with our services you may get the valued packages through emails. We may also ask you about your preferences, suggestions and opinions about us so that we can improve all of our services. We are using Google Analytics, Weblizer, Google Adsense to analyze the taste of our visitors and to know what they most like.

We do not share your personal information with third party organizations who are not involved in fulfilling the purchases you have made from us or as described above, neither do we partner with or have relationships with any businesses which serve ads on to Web sites.


We are concerned about your privacy. This policy describes what, why and how we collect and use your personal data, how we protect it and how you can get in touch with us.

When you provide the data to www.vjcyber.com you are guarantee that we can look on data and analyze it as per our need. We may also request you to update the data.

On this Website, you can find information that may be useful in order to learn about the services offered. In this sense, vjcyber.com will only request you and, therefore, will process the necessary data to provide you with the services you contracted or to be able to initiate and maintain a commercial and/or contractual relationship with you.

Yours Consent:

Carry out commercial communications to you by any means, including electronics means, based on your browsing and/or consumption habits. Said communications may refer to advertising or promotional material on products and services that are considered to be of your interest based on the aforementioned criteria.

Legitimate interests of vjcyber.com:

Carry out commercial communications related to products and services similar to those contracted by you. In this case, the legitimate interest of www.vjcyber.com would be to carry out direct marketing activities aimed at its clients.

Conduct surveys and market studies to know the quality of our products or services and the preference of our clients. The legitimate interest of vjcyber.com is to improve the commercial offer and experience to its clients.

Manage and administer the Website, as well as improve the browsing experience of the Website. The legitimate interest of vjcyber.com is to improve the efficiency of the Website.

How can you exercise the rights over your personal data?

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, limitation and portability, as well as to withdrawal at any time the consents you have previously given us, by email to vjcyber.com i-e This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UAE Tours and Dubai Desert Safari

The website is all about United Arab Emirates travels and tour, and will guide the users how to make up there holidays in all states of UAE. The website will provide information of tour and Travels, and help the users to explore the UAE.

Ask for Quotation of any of Our tour, we will tell you the best price for all tours specially, Desert Safari Dubai, UAE Cities Tours, UAE Mountain Tours and many other tours.

Dubai and Other Tours and Travels Blogs

Our Blogs will provide, the value able information regarding all the tours and travels of beautiful places of Dubai and UAE. We love to share best information.

Desert Safari Dubai Blog
Evening Desert Safari Dubai

We will assure the quality of our blogs in order to make the time of our readers valuable and full of information. We have tried to be focused on the categories of blogs and make them limited so that it will be user friendly for our readers to find the blogs.

Our Desert Safari Blogs are related to provide the customers and readers information about activities and things to do in the deserts and in order to make there trips and tour more valuable. The information will tell the tourists what to do and how to do in desert. It will also focus on the safety of the tourist and will tell how to secure your tour, health wise and and financially.

The blog will cover all kind of desert safari tours including morning desert safari tour, Evening desert safari tour, Over night desert safari, Dinners in Deserts, Valuable places in Desert, and will also help to guide you with the activites of what to do in the desert. It will also focus you to help how to choose your tour operator and how much you need to pay, for a tour of your choice.

Beaches in Dubai
Beaches around the world

This section will not only cover the beaches of Dubai and other states of UAE but will also cover the beaches around the world for the best information of the clients and Readers. It will help them to plan the tour around the world on different beaches.

Nature is beautiful and it is up to you to find out which one is more beacutiful and best match for your requiremnt of tour. Our maximum effort is to bring to you the most valuable information and factual things reagarding specific beaches. If you are planning for the tour on the beaches then this information may help you and make your trip more valuable.

Our this blog will cover all the information regarding beaches around the world. This part of blog is not specific to UAE beacuse of the users intrest we will also cover the beaches tours around the globe. Our blog will provide you with the pictures and infromation of best beaches tours, around the world. We hope you will like to travel one of these and find our information usefull for you to travel and tour there.

Mountains in United Arab Emirates
Mountains in Dubai

Our clients and readers always surprise when listen from us tours of mountain in Dubai. Yes! there are mountain in dubai and some of them are as near as in fifty kilometers radious of Dubai. These mounts are very easily accessable for Tourists.

The mountains are on the eastren part of United Arab Emirates and Oman. The users have very less information about these mountains and our best effort is to aware our users with the mountains of UAE. The activities of these mountains includes from camping at night, moon sighting and cooking by there own. These are low cost trips in Dubai and UAE.

The atmosphare of these mountains are cool and temperature is less on mountains. When you are in the desert of Arabs and found a cool place there will be no more pleasurable things then this. These mountains also conatains flora and funa and fosils of animals. Also it provides cool and pleasent enviroment outside of a very busy city of Dubai.

Cities of United Arab Emiraes
City tour of Dubai

When it comes to the cities of United Arab Emirates the name and count is not important. Who dont know about Dubai and Abu Dhabi? But do you know about the other five states of United Arab Emirates which includes Sharja, Al-Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, and Um-al Quwain.

Most of the people know about Dubai but dont know what to do in Dubai? On daily bases our blogs will introduce you with new activites in the Cities of Dubai. What it have for you? and where you must go when you are visiting the City of Dubai.

This Blog will also make you familier with the other states of the united arab emirates. Most of the people when visiting Dubai only come back from Dubai or maximum from Abu Dubai but not visit other states of UAE. We will make you aware of these states.

We promise our readers to give valueable information for there tour and travels in our “ Blogs ”, These Blogs related to UAE, Dubai and other part of world which are famous for tour and travels.


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