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Camel The Ship of Arabian Desert

Camel The Ship of Arabian Desert:

The ship of desert, Camel is used for economic and social values since hundreds of years. It have a very long historical value in the history of Arabia. Arab people use it for transportation in desert and transporting goods from one place to another. Its feet’s is perfectly made to walk comfortably on the sand of desert in Arab. Storage of fats and its ability to survive for long on very less food and no water make it perfect animal to travel in Desert. UAE is well known for its love to camel. Other than transportation people of United Arab Emirates use this animal for food and milk. In United Arab Emirates the total number of camels in 2003 was estimated as over 178,000.

Camel for Dowry and Zakat in United Arab Emirates:

Arab people status of richness is counted by how many camel one own. Among the quantity the race and bread of camel also counts. The she camel with good race is considered as most valuable. Among Bedouin Tribe the camel is used to give in Dowry. People used to pay camel as zakat instead of cash.

Types of Camels in United Arab Emirates:

Normally there are two most type camel found in UAE, A Bactrian Camel and Dromedary camel. Bactrian camel when fully grown contain a weight of 600 to 1000 of KGs as per San Diego Zoo. While the height of a fully grown camel of this type up to the shoulder is around six feet’s. In length it grow around ten feet’s.

Dromedary Camel can contain from 400 to 600 KGs of weight when fully grown. Its shoulder height is around 6.5 feet’s when fully grown.

Names of Camels in United Arab Emirates:

The love of Arab for camel is shown how they name this animal. An animal have a different name for its age. Like 1 year camel name is different from 2 year camel name. 1 year camel is called “Hewar”, while two year camel is called “Fateem”. Same like three year old camel is called “Haj” and when it grow to four year it is called “Leggi”. A five year old camel is called “Yethea”, while when it grow to six year it is called “Thani”. A male camel in some area may be called as “Baeer” and female camel of same age is also called “Nagah”.

Breads of Camel in United Arab Emirates:

If you are talking about the best bread of camels of UAE then Misk, Dhabian and Shtoota breeds are considered as best bread of camels in UAE.

Camel Use for Transportation in United Arab Emirates:

As per national geographic a camel can transport from 170kgs to 270kgs one time. In old time camel is used to carry goods of trade. Camel was also use for transportation the families from humid coast to the cooler area. More over camel are used to transport wood and food items for the desert people.

Camel Use as Sport in United Arab Emirates:

Camel racing is a famous activity in United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed the former ruler of United Arab Emirates Constantly promoted this game. After that still rulers are enjoying this game. It took two years to teach a camel with the basics of race and to understand what jockey is saying. After that camel is ready for its first run of two kilometer which decide whether the camel is able to run in race or not. Before this race a camel is run every day to make his stamina. This race consist of different lengths as per the age of animals.

Jockeys was always a point of international human rights association. Because mostly children’s were used for camel racing because of their less weight. They fall from camels in race and died under the feet’s of camels. Recently the robots were introduce in order to overcome this problem.

Camel Trekking in Desert of Dubai.

For the visitors and tourists in Dubai and United Arab Emirates the camel also have attraction. One can visit the farms of camel for the fresh milk, but recently the camel trekking in desert is most popular activity for the desert visitors and tourists. Most of the tour operator book the camel trekking or safari with your desert tour. You can enjoy this activity from morning to evening in the desert with the help of proper professional guide.

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