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Bollywood Park Dubai | Tickets, Zones and full information | Best Tour

Bollywood Park Dubai is a park inside Dubai Parks. Dubai Park have total five parks named as Legoland, Riverland, Lapita Hotel, Motion Gate and Bollywood Park. More over Polynesian-themed family resort is a part of Bollywood Park Dubai. Bollywood park Dubai is the first ever theme park in world, which is completely dedicated to Bollywood film industry and its characters. Its theme consist of Bollywood major theme of dance, romance, comedy, action and musical nights etc. The park consist of 16 unique rides created based on themes of world famous Bollywood movies like Sholay, Dabang and Lagaan.

Construction and Area of Bollywood Park Dubai:

The park was opened on 17th of November 2016 on 5PM. The Bollywood Park Dubai covers a very big area, which is 1.7 Million Square feet’s. The park

Zones of Bollywood Park Dubai:

Five different zones are beautifully designed in Bollywood Park Dubai. These zones are described in detail below:

Bollywood Boulevard:

This zone of park consist of a huge restaurant. This is a night restaurant where a musical band “Magik” perform every night. The Bollywood Boulevard also consist of bakery known as Jumbo Café. Live performance on stage is a major section of Bollywood Boulevard.

Mumbai Chowk:

This section provide Bombay best street food. In addition, this zone provide the shopping opportunity in Bombay environment. The Boss of mafia in Bombay the Don is also part of this section. You can join the ride in big 3D and Dubai police will follow you to catch the Don.

Rustic Ravine:

This is a village presentation life of India. Moreover, it consist of a ride “the hunt of gaber” the famous character of Indian move. If you are in the ride, you will be provided with a laser gun for your safety. A family can also join the famous Lagaan Bollywood movie on stimulator where you can play cricket with your family. This is for whole family. The Rangmanch stage is set around a banyan tree and features the traditional dance forms of India such as garba and bhangra.

Royal Plaza:

The Royal Plaza is located in the middle of this amazing Bollywood Park. It have a capacity of 850 seats and is actually a theater known as Rajmahal Theater. The ticket of this place is separate from the ticket of Park. The park present an amazing musical show several time a week.

Bollywood Film Studios:

This zone is a great experience and will show a visitor how movies are created in Bollywood. The Area have a hall of fame for the Indian actors. The area also consist of superheroes like Krish and Ra.One.

Food in Bollywood theme park:

The Bollywood theme park consist of number of restaurants. Almost all zones have one place to eat and dine. These Places dinning places match with the theme of zone.

Jumbo Cafe

Jumbo Café is located on Bollywood Boulevard. Here you can find a very good ice cream. More over the café offer the tea and coffee. In addition, you found sandwiches and burgers along with Arabic dates here.

Mughal e Azam

It is located at Royal Plaza in Bollywood Park. The staff will treat you as a royal family member as the hotel follow the theme of a king. The restaurant consist of Mughlai dishes. The restaurant only open for three days from Thursday to Saturday.

Spicy Dhaba

It is located in Rustic Ravine area of Bollywood Park. The theme of the restaurant is like a Dhaba. On the roadsides in India, these are found in large numbers. This restaurant provide typical Punjabi spicy food.

Studio Canteen

It is located in Bollywood film studio section of Bollywood Park. This is a fast food café and contain pizza and burgers. The western fast food theme is more dominant.

Victoria station Café

This located on Mumbai Chowk of Bollywood Park. This grand restaurant is a tribute to Mumbai’s famous Victoria Station Terminus. Enjoy some Indian fast food just as you sit in a life size replica of a Mumbai train.

Shops in Bollywood Park Dubai:

There is multiple shops in each zones of Bollywood Park. These shops offer the gift from local made Indian items to a wild range of souvenirs. Desi Emporium with Maharani Sweets, Chalte Chalte, Shenshaw and Bollywood Studio Store is among shops.

Bollywood Park Timing:

The park timing in winter is 1PM to 9 PM in weekdays. While on weekends, the park have one hour more time and close on 10PM. The attraction of park close 30 minutes before the closing time.

Transport to Bollywood Dubai:

Bollywood Dubai is 45minutes away with normal traffic from Dubai Airport. You can take a taxi or personal car to reach to Bollywood Park Dubai. The park is located on Sheikh Zahid Road near Jabel Ali metro station. If you want to come on metro drop on Jabel Ali Metro, station and then take a taxi.

Bollywood Park Map

Parking of Bollywood Dubai:

The Parking of Bollywood Dubai is only free for visitors after 6:30PM. General parking cost AED20 while preferred parking cost AED80. Valet Parking cost AED150 while Covered Parking cost AED100.

Services at Bollywood Dubai:

The Bollywood Dubai provide the services like wheel chair for disable persons. ATM is available inside the park so there is no problem of cash. First Aid Kit, Lockers and Strollers are also available.

Ticket of Bollywood Dubai:

One day entry ticket of Bollywood Dubai, for UAE resident is 99AED including the taxes. If a person purchase ticket three days before entry can get a discount of 10 percent. A visitor can buy a ticket of AED175 for unlimited access who is nonresident. Moreover, annual passes are also available for regular visitors, which give discount.

Map of Bollywood Dubai:

Bollywood Park Map


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