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Global Village Dubai | Timings, Tickets Price, 2019-2020 | Best Tours

Global Village Dubai is one of the best and leading, shopping, entertainment and cultural park in whole United Arab Emirates. It combines the culture of 75 countries at one place. These 75 Countries people participate in 27 shopping pavilions and sell their products to visitors. This is one of the most diverse shopping experience in world. The Global Village Dubai will mark the 23rd season in 2018 since last 22 seasons it is providing its best cultural and shopping facilities to millions of people. The Season 24 will be open on 29th of October 2019. It consists of Events and Consorts, Shopping, Dining, Shops, Restaurants and Carnival.

The Global Village Dubai was launched in 1997. The Global Village Dubai move to different places from launch untill it found a permanent location on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It was launched on creek side and then moved to Outh Metha and Dubai Festival City.

Global village dubai concer

1. Global Village Dubai Location:

The beautiful Global Village Dubai is located at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, Dubai, U.A.E. The coordinates for Global Village Dubai is 25.0714° N, 55.3083° E.

2. Global Village Dubai Timings:

Global Village timing on Saturday to Wednesday is 4 PM to 12:00 PM.  On Thursday, Friday and all public holiday the timings of Global village Dubai is  one hour more and park Gates close on 01:00 AM. Keep in mind Monday is reserved only for female and children’s in Global Village Dubai. The male entry is not allowed on Monday.

3. Global Village Dubai Entrance:

There is two entry points from where one can enter the Global Village Dubai. These two gates are named as gate of the world and Cultural Gate.

dubai global village tickets

4. Global Village Tickets:

4.1. Global Village Dubai Free Entry:

The Global Village Dubai is not a free to enter for everyone. All the children under 3 year of age are free to enter on showing age identity. The people with age of 65 or above are also free to enter in Park. People of Determination with one companion is also free to enter.

4.2. Global Village Dubai Ticket Price:

For the people who not fit in the above free ticket categories must have to buy ticket of AED 15 each. The ticket price includes 5% VAT.

4.3. Where to buy tickets:

The tickets are available on both the gates on 3:30 PM. You must have to buy the ticket before the gate close. The tickets are also available at apps of mobile, Google Play and IOS.

5. Global Village Dubai Not Allowed:

  1. The following are not allowed in Global Village Dubai!
  2. You cannot show public affection in Park.
  3. Pet of any kind is not allowed in Park.
  4. Filming in Progress is not allowed.
  5. No Segway’s or roller-coaster are allowed in Park.
  6. You should follow the Dubai Public Places dress codes anything dress against Dubai Culture at public places is not allowed.

global village dubai around

6. How to reach Global Village Dubai:

The Road and transport authority of Dubai run new two routes of Buses for easy reach of people to Global Village Dubai. All the buses with number 102, 103, 104 and 106 touches the Park. So the visitor can ride any of the bus to reach the Park and enjoy. The total travel time is 30 Minutes and these buses run from 3:15 PM to 11:15 PM of night.

The other possible way to reach the Global Village Dubai Park is taxi and by personal car.

7. Global Village Dubai Parking:

Global village Dubai have one of the largest parking for vehicle in the area. The total capacity of the parking of Global Village Dubai is 18300 parking bays, separate motor bikes parking, electric vehicle parking and a separate parking for people with determination. The Global Village Dubai have two kind of Parking a free parking and a paid parking.

The parking with number P1 to P12 is free for charge and is categorized as general parking. VIP parking cost AED 200 a day while a Valet Parking cost 50 AED a day. From the parking to entry gate it is not easy to reach as it is a big parking. The park management run a free Dotto Train and Bus services which can take people to Gate for entry.

One can also use the Rakshaw for AED 5 Per person if like to.

Global village 2

8. Global Village Dubai Entertainment:

The entertainment section of Global Village Dubai consists of Concerts, Cultural Shows, Events Calendar, New Attractions, Stage Shows, and Super Loop Stunt Show.

8.1. Global Village Dubai Concerts:

Usually the concert timing is 9 PM of every Friday. The Concert is once in a week and it is live concert. The Global Village Dubai do not charge additional amounts for concert and is included in the route ticket of visitors. The stars from middle east, Asia, and other part of world participate in these concerts. There will be 23 concerts in season 23 of 2018-2019.

8.2. Global Village Dubai Cultural Shows:

The cultural shows are different each year and usually run on daily basis but one cultural show remain for long in a row. Each show remains for 3 weeks on average but some or shorter or longer. Malevo, Ondekoza and Urban crew dancers are this year’s popular shows.

8.3. Global Village Dubai New Attractions:

In the Global Village Dubai park there is new amazing attractions for the visitors. These attractions include a great fire work and Circus. The lake and fire show shows Present the fire work in the middle of great lake. The fireworks are usually on Thursday and Friday night at 9 PM.

8.4. Global Village Dubai Stage shows:

The stage shows theme consist of world cultural stories presentation with special sound and visual effects. The special light effects are used in these shows. Bollywood nights, Elemental, Box Car Capers and Global the Musical is kind of these examples.

8.5. Global Village Dubai Super Loop Stunt Show:

Super Loop stunt show is one of the biggest show of its kind in the world. It includes the gravity defying stunts against the earth. Kate Skinner, the all action scientist is knotted in implausible stunts which include falls from high buildings, flame throwers, skidding cars as smoke pours from the tiers, a motorbike on a high wire and the death-defying stunt of driving a car upside down in the giant super loop.

8.6. Global Village Dubai Carnival:

Carnival consist of Thrill Rides and Family rides. The carnival has 31 rides while 25 Skill games and 100 plus arcade games. The rides contain rides like, Global Burj, Shang High, Fly France and Athens Slingshot. Family rides consist of New York Jump, Miami Surf, wheel of the world and Mumbai express etc.

global village dubai resturants

9. Global Village Dubai Dining:

9.1. Global Village Dubai Cafes:

Deserts, beverages, other very delicious fast food is available on cafes. The Specialty of these cafes are coffee. Al Yola Traditional Coffee shop, as well as Cupa Gahwa Coffee shop and Strawcolate Chocolate Coffee are cafés in the Global Village Dubai.

9.2. Global Village Dubai Kiosks:

Kiosks are found everywhere in Global Village Dubai. These kiosks serve traditional food and these are 120 in number. These have authentic food and taste of different part of world.

9.3. Global Village Dubai Restaurants:

A total of 22 restaurants from around the world recipes is available in Global Village Dubai. These restaurant serves true and natural tastes of food.

Global village dubai shopping

10. Global Village Dubai Shopping:

10.1. Global Village Dubai Pavilions:

A large number of Pavilions are located in Global village Dubai. Pavilion from Arab, Asia, Europe, Africa and Russia is available.

10.2. Global Village Dubai Shops:

Multiple shops are located in Global Village Dubai. One can buy the gift for family and friends or home from these shops.

11. Global Village Dubai Fire:

On Monday 25 June 2018 heavy cloud of smokes were observed from Global Village Dubai. These smokes were observed from Chinese Pavilion. Previously in last December small fire break out in front of Yamani pavilion.

12. Global Village Dubai 23rd Season:

The Global Village Dubai is completed its 23rd season in year 2019. The park was opened for 156 days till April 6, 2019. This season was a fantastic entertainments and as many as 23 concerts was performed during season 23 of 2019. For season 23 the Platinum packages sold of AED 4000, while Gold Pack cost in members 1500 AED and Silver Pack for 900 AED.

Global Village dubai 2020

Global Village Dubai Season 24 (2019-2020):

The Global Village Dubai announces its season 24 dates for 2019-2020 on Instagram page. In the coming new 24 session of Global Village Dubai 2019 from 78 countries there will be more then three thousand five hundred shops. With more then twenty thousand entertainments and cultural shows Global village Dubai is one of its kind in the world. About seven million people visited the Global village Dubai in 2018-19 and for 2019-20 more people is expected to visit Global Village Dubai in this season 24. People rated the global village Dubai as 9.1 happiness scale out of 10.

12.1. Global Village Dubai 2019-2020 Dates:

The global village Dubai will back on October 29, 2019 for its 24th season. This season will remain open until April 4, 2020. The total number of days for this season is 159 days.

12.2. Global Village Dubai 2019-2020 Timing:

Global Village Dubai Timings for 2019-2020 session 24 is from Saturday to Wednesday is 4 PM to 12:00 PM.  On Thursday, Friday and all public holiday the timing will be 01:00 AM. The The firework will be on every Thursday and Friday and main concert will be on Friday 9 PM.

12.3. Global Village Dubai Packages for 2019-2020:

The platinum package for The Global Village Dubai is all sold out. The Platinum package includes Remote to car parking, one hundred and eighty entry tickets, one VIP parking sticker, four parking cards, circus and carnival cards, 4 Ripley's cards , 8 stunt show survivors cards.

12.4. Global Village Dubai 2019-2020 Packages Prices:

The price of the platinum package was five thousand AED and all of the package were sold. The estimated Cost of Gold VIP pack is priced at AED 1,900 and Silver at AED 1,300. This price may be change with market demand and supply. Sale of VIP packages of Global Village Dubai, Silver Package and Gold Packages are in Process.

dubai global village special

13. Global Village Dubai Dress code:

There is no specific dress code for Global Village Dubai. Visitors can wear there own country dressing in order to show global village. Visitors must wear modestly and as per the basic culture of Dubai. Covering full face or Abaya is not requirement in Dubai, but your body must not be naked. It's a good idea not to show cleavage or thighs. Wearing Jeans or trousers with T shirt is ok.

14. Visting time in crona Timings in crona:

Because of Crona virus the timing of most of the tourist places in UAE is from 9AM to 5PM only.


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