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Dubai Miracle Garden | Timings, Tickets, Information | Butterfly Garden Dubai

This Dubai Miracle Garden is flowers garden and is located in Al Barsha South 3, Dubai land, Dubai. The garden have one of the largest collection of flowers which is 50 Million flowers from over 250 Million Plants. The park have a total cover area of 72000 square meters. The garden was open for general public on 14th of February 2013 (Valentine’s Day). An expert team of horticulturists and green keepers are hired to take the good care of flowers that is why on every visit the flowers look fresh and attractive.

Butterfly Garden in Miracle Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden in Miracle Garden Dubai:

The Dubai Butterfly Garden was open in 2015. This is the largest indoor garden and first of its nature in whole region. The butterfly garden consist of nine custom made domes and these domes are house of over 15000 butterflies from 26 species. The park also contain peacocks, floral clocks and aromatic garden.

Airbus A380 at miracle garden dubai 2

Airbus A380 floral world record in Dubai Miracle Garden:

The Aribus A380 is the largest men man structure with flowers. It hold Guinness book of world record for its largest structure. The structure contain more than 500,000 fresh flowers and plants. When on full bloom the aircraft structure contain over 5 Million flowers and 100 tons of weight. A medley of over 9,000 flowers and plants made up the Emirates iconic logo, and 100,000 blossoms formed the enormous wings, which reach over 80.27 meters wide.

Miracle Garden Dubai 2

Cost and Construction of Dubai Miracle Garden:

The project is completed with an estimated cost of 40 million AED which is almost equal to 11 million Dollars. It is a joint venture of Dubai land and Dubai Properties Group. Akara Land Company and agricultural development built the project.

The Park was constructed in two phases. The phase one which was opened on 14th of Feb 2013 was consist of 21 thousand square meters. The project took two months to complete with a men power of over 400 people. The second phase of the park was complete later the same year in June. This phase consist of park land, parking and mosque.

Miracle Garden Dubai 3

Timings of Dubai Miracle Garden:

The park remain open for the seven months from October to April while remain close for the rest of months. The main reason for close the park is because of very high temperature of Dubai. The temperature of Dubai in these months increase from 40 degree Celsius and no way favorable for plants and flowers growth.

The Miracle park timing is 9AM – 9PM weekdays and 9AM – 11PM weekends Friday & Saturday.

Best time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden:

In winter it is always very enjoyable to visit the miracle flower park whole day regardless of time. But in summer the day of the Dubai is very hot and Miracle Flower Park is an outdoor park so the best time to visit is mid afternoon. If you go in the day time in summer you cannot stay for long time and will be exhausted very soon.

Miracle Garden Dubai 4

Dubai Miracle Garden Water System:

The Garden use ecofriendly system of irrigation which saves seventy five percent of water. The miracle garden retreat and use world advance method of saving water. The drip irrigation method is used for water the flowers. Estimated an average 757,082 liters of water is used per day.

Food (Refreshment) at Dubai Miracle Garden:

There are many kiosks located inside the park from where you can buy the food. Kebabs, Vegetarian Stuff, Ice cream, Waffles, etc. are easily available there. The beautiful tented cabanas provides opportunity to sit and eat in flowery environment around.

Transportation to Miracle Garden Dubai:

The easiest way to access the miracle garden is by public transportation buss from Mall of Emirates. Bus 105 moves from Mall of Emirates to Al Barsha South 3. Bus 30 also takes nearby to Miracle garden. One can also travel on the personal car as a large parking is available in the Miracle Garden Dubai. Taxi Services are also available in whole Dubai.

Ticket Price of Miracle Garden Dubai:

An Adult ticket price of Miracle Garden Dubai Cost AED 50 per person. For the children the ticket price is 30 AED and the children under the age of 2 years is free to enter in the park.

Miracle Garden Dubai arial view

Tourist attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden:

The Miracle Garden have multiple attractions for tourist. It includes multiple sculpture, different birds and animal’s shapes and many other objects made of real natural flowers some of the attractions at park for tourists are as below.

Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Dubai Miracle Garden

Chance to meet up with a celebrity at Miracle Garden:

It is rarely a day when miracle garden is open and there is no celebrity available in the park. The high number of visitors of park made it possible as every day millions of people come to visit the park. So if you are a celebrity lover then Miracle Garden is a place where you can easily found a celebrity.

Airbus A380 at miracle garden dubai

Emirates AirBus A380 in Miracle Garden Dubai:

It is the world structure of any object created with flowers in the world. The airbus A380 is largest aircraft of the airline and so is its structure. On the deck of structure provide the best opportunity to get selfies.

dubai miracle garden flower clock

Flowers Clock in Miracle Garden Dubai:

The flower clock is a structure of clock made and filled inside with the flowers. It gives a feeling of fairy tales.

Castle of flowers in dubia miracle garden

Castle of flowers and Ice cream towers in Dubai Miracle Gardeni.

This is the highest structure in Dubai Miracle Park. You can go up in the tower by paying a small extra amount for better pictures and selfies.

TeFiti in Miracle Garden Dubai

TeFiti in Dubai Miracle Garden:

Must not forget to watch Polynesian goddess of life in Disney’s “Moana,” from different angles. As this beauty give different views from different angles. This is constructed on the side of an artificial lake.

Fairy Pompoms in Miracle Garden Dubai

Fairy Pompoms in Miracle Garden Dubai:

There is no map for this so you have to explore the whole place on foots. Must wear joggers in order to avoid the disturbance by any allergy of flowers.

Teddy Bear in Miracle Garden Dubai

Teddy Bear in Miracle Garden Dubai:

As the memory of its opening day on valentines in 2013 this teddy bear remind the same day. Teddy bear was a gift of valentine and kept till now. Please don’t touch the flowers of teddy bear as it is strictly forbidden.

The Onion in Miracle Garden Dubai

The Onion in Dubai Miracle Garden:

The onion is built on an artificial top hill. It have few steps to reach on the top deck. You can view this model of flowers from inside. On the top of the deck there is a beautiful view of garden.

Rapunzel Tower in Miracle Garden Dubai

Rapunzel Tower in Miracle Garden Dubai:

It is a heighted tower created with red and green theme.

Perfect Arches in Miracle Garden Dubai

Perfect Arches in Miracle Garden Dubai:

These arches have great popularity and also part of Hindi film named as “Hamari Adhori Kahani”. Flowers, heart and butterfly shape arches are created in this section. These arches are nice place and give a very romantic view.

Umbrella Tunnels in Miracle Garden Dubai

Umbrella Tunnels in Miracle Garden Dubai:

There is many umbrella tunnels in miracle garden Dubai. You can take refreshments and eat under the umbrella tunnels. Many people sit here and do refreshments.

PopCorn Stand in Miracle Garden

3D PopCorn Stand in Miracle Garden Dubai:

This stand have a very good taste and quality popcorns. If you are not in mood of any refreshment then these popcorns may be your choice. The price is also less then food and beverages.

Mickey Mouse in Miracle Garden Dubai

Mickey Mouse in Miracle Garden Dubai:

This is a very big 18 meters Mickey Mouse structure covered with the flowers. The total weight of Mickey Mouse is 35 tons. The structure contain around 100 thousand flowers including white petunia, red petunia, white geranium, yellow viola, zinnia marigold and green alternanthera. It’s officially the tallest supported topiary structure, according to Guinness World Records.

Deal of Dubai Miracle Garden with Walt Disney:

The Dubai Miracle Garden signed a deal with Walt Disney and in November 2018 more characters of Disney land is coming in Miracle Park.

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