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Ski Dubai | Timing, Rates, Shops, Restaurants, Penguins | Best Tours

Ski Dubai have an indoor ski area of 22500 square meters. This is also the first indoor Ski Area of Middle East. The Park contains 3000 square meters of real snow.

1. Ski Dubai Location:

Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates, which is also one of the largest shopping mall in Dubai.

2. Ski Dubai Awards:

The outstanding achievement award was given to Ski Dubai. This award is given in 2007.

3. Ski Dubai Opening:

The Ski Dubai was opened in November 2005.

Ski Dubai slope

4. Ski Dubai Areas:

As per difficulty and run it is segregated into five major areas. With a fall of 60 meter slop it have a longest run of 400 meters. The equipment like ski and jackets are provided by the Ski Dubai on entry with tickets. The location is 85 meter (equivalent to 25 stories high building) High Mountain where one have to start. This mountain is 80 meter wide.

Ski Dubai Snowpark

5. Ski Dubai Temperature:

The temperature of Ski Dubai is well maintained to -1 Celsius to -2 Celsius.

Restaurants in Ski Dubai

6. Ski Dubai Restaurants:

There is total two restaurants in Ski Dubai as below:

6.1. Avalanche Café

This café is located in the mid of high slope. From this café the slope is view able. One can reach this café by hiking or by chair lift. This location is unique by its vista offer and alpine theme. You can warm up yourself with the famous Avalanche hot chocolate.

6.2. North 28

The theme restaurant, named as North 28 is located on the entrance of Ski Dubai. This café provide the food with themed environment.

Restaurants in Ski Dubai 2

7. Ski Dubai Shops:

A shop named as Snow Pro is located inside Ski Dubai. This shop have all range of required equipment which one need in park.

8. Ski School in Ski Dubai:

The ski school provide the best instructors which teach the skiing. These all instructors are professional and highly skilled. These give the training of Ski and Snow Boarding. The school have a ski training cost which vary from instructors and also skiing time.

Ski Dubai slope

9. Ski Dubai Activities:

The ski Dubai have multiple activities for entertainment of its visitors. Below is some of activities:

9.1. Ski Slope:

Ski slope is one of the most popular activity in the winter season for all age of people. One can ski on fresh snow all time of year inside Ski Dubai. The activity have a lot of fun and as you do it more you start liking it more. It have thrill and adventure feeling which increase more with more practice. In the area use of camera or bring bird or pets etc. is strictly prohibited. One can only start skiing after achieving a certain level of skills.

Ticket of Ski Slope:

The ticket for Ski Slop is AED 490 each person which include VAT of 5% also. If one want to visit other areas of Ski Dubai have to pay 25 AED more.

Ski Dubai Snowpark

9.2. Snow Boarding’s:

With the time now days snow surfing or boarding is one of the most popular and liked game in whole world. Regardless of gender or age people like it most. In Ski Dubai one can do the snowboarding on long run of 400 meter throughout the year. No matter its summer or winter you can enjoy it now.

9.3. Chair Lifts:

These are state of the art chair lift which time the person to the top of Ski Dubai. From the top view you can see whole of Ski Dubai and enjoy the view.

Ski Dubai penguins

9.4. Snow Penguins:

Gentoo and King Penguins are the permanent residents of Ski Dubai. The activity of March of Penguins are free to watch for everybody in Ski Dubai. You can interact with these birds. These are loving birds and use to stay with the visitors.

9.4.1. Tickets of Snow Penguins:

There is three categories of snow penguins:

  • Swim with penguin ticket cost is AED 1365.
  • Exclusive penguin encounter is AED 520.
  • Ultimate penguin encounter cost is AED 890.

9.5. Snow Bullet Ride:

This is the world first sub-zero zip line. The Snow Bullet will let you soar as high as 16 meters above slopes, along an adrenaline pumping 150 meter long Zip Line. Only above age of 8 years can do the ride but age of 8 years must do with an adult. People under weight of 30 kg or above 120 kg is not allowed to do the ride.

9.5.1. Ticket of Snow Bullet:

The cost of snow bullet is AED 150.

10. Ski Dubai Dress code:

There is no specific dress code for Ski Dubai. While in activities like swimming and Sking the Ski Dubai provide the dresses. Visitors must wear modestly and as per the basic culture of Dubai. Covering full face or Abaya is not requirement in Dubai, but your body must not be naked. It's a good idea not to show cleavage or thighs. Wearing Jeans or trousers with T shirt is ok.

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