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On 31st October 2016 the first LEGOLAND Dubai Park, in Middle East is opened in Dubai, UAE. This was the first in Middle East while the seventh in whole world park of its nature. The park was delayed from its opening date which was to be open in 2011 at Dubai land but later in 2016 it was open in Dubai Park and resorts. The name was also change from Dubai land LEGOLAND to Dubai LEGOLAND. The park provide a unique opportunity of learning and skill to children’s.

This park provide entertainment to the children of age 2 to 12. The LEGOLAND Park have more than 40 rides to play. By using over 15 Million LEGO Bricks 15000 LEGO models were constructed. There is 9 dining and food kiosks are available. Each land contain exciting and skill games and buildings. The Park contain six main theme lands. These areas are as below

Main Theme Lands of Wadi Wild Dubai:

Legoland Dubai Fatory

  • Factory

This is the place where you can buy toys and the LEGO shop have the largest collection of toys in whole Middle East. This is a family fun space. The first thing at the LEGOLAND is the visit of LEGO Factory. The Factory gifts each visitor with their own LEGO Bricks as a symbol of souvenir. You can take something to eat with you in factory and start watching how the LEGO bricks are made.

legoland Dubai Kingdom

  • Kingdoms

The kingdom major rides and attractions are, Marlin Challenge, Dragons Apprentice, The Dragon, The Cast, Marlin’s Flying Machines Castle Stage and Builders Guide. Here the young Knights and Princess can also join. Ride the dragon and break the spell with marlines flying machines.

legoland Dubai imagination

  • Imagination

In the imagination section one can view the entire park from the kid’s power tower. Building cars and riding cars is possible in Imagination. You can also take a class from robotics section how to build cars. It will test how much courage you have to build a place or thing. The main section of imagination is kids power tower, LEGO technique twister, Duplo Express, LEGO Studio 4D theater, Build and test, Master builder academy, midstrom, Duplo Play town and LEGO friends clubhouse.

legoland Dubai lego city

  • LEGO City

If you are determinant and team worker then LEGO City is for you. You are given the opportunity to apply your skills as you are part of the crew of LEGO City. In the Mini city of LEGO City you have a chance to drive an electric car or plan or you can be a fire tender to control a burning building in the city. The LEGO City have rides and attractions like Sea Port, Police Headquarter, LEGO City Stage, Rescue Academy, Airport, Junior Driving School, School, and Boating School.

legoland Dubai Adventure

  • Adventure

What is not here? If you are talking about adventure then this section have, Wave Racer, Pharaoh’s Revenge, Secret chamber of Amset-Ra, Lost kingdom adventure and submarine adventure. Young kids like this place because it give them opportunity of adventure. Underwater adventure is for whole people including adults and children. Pharaoh’s lost treasure hunt is another excited adventure for the children’s.

legoland mini land

  • Miniland

If you are in LEGOLAND then visiting the Mini land is important segment. It contains the landmarks and icons for important buildings and structures from Middle East. A total of record 20 million LEGO bricks are used for that purpose. It is a section for children and adult both to view and enjoy this mini land.

Location of LEGOLAND Dubai:

LEGOLAND is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. This is one of the very important part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is on opposite side of Palm Jebel Ali.

Transportation to LEGOLAND Dubai:

RTA Dubai connected there routes of buses from Dubai Park and Resort. Which makes the access of park easy. These Buses timing is from 7 AM to 11:15PM. Every day twenty six times these buses touch the Dubai Park and Resorts.

Tickets of LEGOLAND Dubai:

The LEGOLAND Dubai have tickets in 3 categories. These three categories includes, LEGOLAND Dubai one day ticket, LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai one day ticket and LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Dubai Water Park One day tickets. The difference between these categories are only access to different areas. The Park also provide special rates to the residents of Dubai which are very less than others.

Price and rate of LEGOLAND Dubai Tickets

  • LEGOLAND Dubai one day ticket rates are 220.5 AED if purchased three days before online. The GATE price for the ticket is 245 AED.
  • LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai one day ticket rates are 220.5 AED if purchased three days before online. The GATE price for the ticket is 245 AED.
  • LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Dubai Water Park One day tickets rates are 265 AED if purchased three days before online. The GATE price for the ticket is 295 AED.

The rates for UAE residents are 157.5 on online booking while 175 for Tickets on Gates under each category. Other than normal rates Annual Membership is also available.

Timing of LEGOLAND Dubai:

The Legoland Dubai remain open from 10AM to 6PM whole week for both children and adults.

LEGOLAND Food and Dining:

In LEGOLAND you can find multiple options to eat. City snacks, Aqua Treats, Ice Factory, The Café and Market Restaurants is some of the options.


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