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The below article will highlight where a lady can find the best deals, offers and discount on Sunday night, “Weekend” in Dubai. Multiple hotels, bars, saloons and shopping centers give discounts to ladies on Sunday night. Some of the important ones are as below. 1 OAK Dubai – One of A Kind Dubai: 1 OAK Dubai was opened in March in the famous JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay. The bar have a free token for all the ladies who arrive early. The offer is valid not only on Sunday but also on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Keep in mind…
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Using millions of light and many themes the Dubai Garden Glow present a unique experience for its visitors. There is a large number of sparkling displays, which are created by many artists from many countries of world. All the material used in this theme park is recyclable. The light-themed garden hopes to promote the issue of global warming and carbon footprints. The park have many theme and it is very idle for families and individual to visit. The theme of park also provide education on reducing carbon and global warming.
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  United Arab Emirates, also known as Emirates, Al Amarat, or Al-Imarat. Abbreviation used on large scale for United Arab Emirates is UAE. United Arab Emirates is located in Western Asia. On the Eastern border of UAE Oman is located while on the southern boarder Saudi Arabia is located. The sea boarder of UAE on the western side is Qatar and Northern side is Iran. The location of country is on South East of Arabian Peninsula. The United Arab Emirates system is a pure monarchy.
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Madinat Jumeriah Dubai is the only true and authentic recreation of ancient Arabic life and traditional values. It is a luxurious five star resort in Dubai and the largest in Emirates. The garden and land area of Madinat Jumeirah is over forty acres.  The Madinat Jumeirah have its own private beach. This beach is one of most beautiful beaches.
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Bollywood Park Dubai is a park inside Dubai Parks. Dubai Park have total five parks named as Legoland, Riverland, Lapita Hotel, Motion Gate and Bollywood Park. More over Polynesian-themed family resort is a part of Bollywood Park Dubai. Bollywood park Dubai is the first ever theme park in world, which is completely dedicated to Bollywood film industry and its characters. Its theme consist of Bollywood major theme of dance, romance, comedy, action and musical nights etc. The park consist of 16 unique rides created based on themes of world famous Bollywood movies like Sholay, Dabang and Lagaan.

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Ask for the details of booking and the Best Quotation of any of Our tours of Dubai, and around the World, we always provide our travelers with the best booking price

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Best Tours | Travelers Information and Booking Blog

Our Blogs will provide, the value able information regarding all the tours and travels of beautiful places of Dubai and UAE. We love to share best information.

Desert Safari Dubai Blog
Evening Desert Safari Dubai

We will assure the best quality of our tours and travelers blogs, in order to make the time of our readers valuable, and full of best information and details of Booking. We have tried to be focused on the categories of best written blogs and made them limited, so that it must be user friendly for our readers and easily searchable.

Our Desert Safari Blogs provides the best customers and best readers information of booking and details about activities and things to do in the desert, and in order to make traveler's trips and tours more valuable and the best experience. The information will guide the traveler's, what best to do and how to do in desert. These blogs will also focus on the safety of the travelers, and will tell how to secure travelers tours, health wise and financially. More over blog will give complete information of booking and methods of bookings a tour of the travelers.

The blog will cover all kind of desert safari tours including morning desert safari tour, Evening desert safari tour, Over night desert safari, Dinners in Deserts, best places in Desert, and will also help to guide with the best activities to do in the desert. It will also focus to help travelers and how to choose travelers, tour operator and how much a traveler's need to pay, and information on booking, for the best tours of traveler's choice.

Beaches in Dubai
Beaches around the world

This section will not only cover the best beaches of Dubai and other states of UAE, but will also cover the best beaches around the world for the best information to the Travelers. It will help travelers best, to plan the tours around the world on different beaches.

Nature is beautiful and it is up to a traveler to find out which one is more beautiful, and best match for your requirements of a travelers. Our best effort is to bring the most valuable information, and factual material regarding specific beaches. If a traveler is planning for the tour on the beaches then this information may help a travelers, and make your trip more valuable.

Our blog will cover all the information regarding best beaches and booking a tour of a beach, around the world for the travelers. This part of blog is not specific to UAE. Seeing the travelers interests and requests we will also cover the best beaches around the globe. Our blog will provide travelers with the pictures and information of best beaches tours, around the world. We hope travelers will like to travel one of these information's and booking details will help them to book a tour, and find our information useful for them to travel there.

Mountains in United Arab Emirates
Mountains in Dubai

Our travelers and blog readers always surprise when listen from us tours of mountain in Dubai. Yes! there are mountains in Dubai, and some of them are as near as in fifty kilometers radius of Dubai. These mountains are very easily accessible for Travelers.

The mountains are on the eastern part of United Arab Emirates and Oman. The travelers have very less information about these mountains, and our best effort is to aware our users with the mountains of UAE. The activities on these mountains includes, camping at night, moon sighting and cooking by there own. These are low cost trips in Dubai and UAE.

The atmosphere of these mountains are cool, and temperature is less in mountains. When any traveler is in the desert of Arab, and found a cool place, there will be no more pleasurable feelings then these weather feelings. These mountains also contains flora, fauna and fossils of animals. Also it provides cool and pleasant environment outside of a very busy city life of Dubai. We will provide travelers with complete traveler information and complete booking details of these kind of tours.

Cities of United Arab Emiraes
City tour of Dubai

When it comes to the cities of United Arab Emirates the name and count is not important. Who don't know about Dubai and Abu Dhabi? But do travelers know about the other five states of United Arab Emirates, which includes Sharja, Al-Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, and Um-al Quwain?

Most of the travelers know about Dubai but don't know what to do in Dubai? On daily bases our blogs will introduce you with new activities in the City of Dubai. What activities the city of Dubai have for travelers? and where travelers must go when they are visiting the City of Dubai and how booking on cheap prices is possible!

This Blog will also make travelers familiar with the other states of the United Arab Emirates. Most of the travelers, when visiting Dubai, only come back from Dubai or maximum from Abu Dhabi but not visit other states of UAE. We will make travelers best aware of these information and booking details.

Information on the Best Travelers Blogs, and Booking of Tours


We promise our travelers to give them valuable information about booking, and their Best Tours in our “ Blogs ” section. These Blogs related to UAE, Dubai and other part of world which are famous for Best Tours.