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Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States

Cocoa beach is located in the Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is also known as quintessential beach town. It is one of the oldest city on the Indian River. Cocoa Village is one of the oldest representative of the Florida culture and values. Cocoa is also strategically situated in Florida’s High-Tech Corridor, 15 miles from NASA’s proposed 320 acre technology and Commerce Park at Kennedy Space Center and only 30 minutes from the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in East Orlando.

Cocoa BEach Pier full 2

Geography of Cocoa Beach:

The total area of the Cocoa Beach as on 2010 is 4.66 sq. miles of land area. While the water area is 10.1 sq. miles. On the west side of the city Banana River is located while on the eastern side Atlantic Ocean is situated. On the north side Cape Canaveral while on south Crescent Beach is situated. The population per square mile is 2411.6.

Demographics of Cocoa Beach:

The estimated population as on July 2017 of Cocoa Beach was 11,733. As per census 2010 the population of the city was 11,231. On estimated basis the change in the population was 4.5% from 2010 to 2017. The People under the age of 5 Years is 2.1% while under 18 is 10.2%. Person with age of above 65 years is 33.0%. The total population of male is 46.7% while female population is 53.3%. The foreign born children from 2012 to 2016 is 8.1%. Veterans from 2016 to 2016 is 1665.

If we look on the race and Hispanic origins the white alone percentage is 95.9% while White alone, not Hispanic or Latino is 93.3%. The black or African American alone is 1.2% while Asian alone are 1.1% of the total population.

Language on Cocoa Beach:

91.2% of the people on Cocoa Beach for the age of above 5 year speak English while remaining 9.8 people on the beach speak languages other than English at home.

Travel time to work on Cocoa Beach:

Mean travel time to the work is 25.4.

Personal Income of People of Cocoa Beach:

Median house hold income on 2016 of Cocoa beach per house is 52,473 dollars while per capita income is 41,933 dollars per person. 7.7% of the people live under the line of poverty. The number of unemployed people is 327. Out of this number male population who is unemployed is 165 while female is 162.

Health of Cocoa Beach:

7.6% of the people below the age of 65 have some physical disability. 20.8% of the people are without the health insurance policy.

Housing on Cocoa Beach:

There is 1.96 Person per house hold from 2012-2016. The total number of house hold is 8747. The total occupied houses are 5826 while vacant houses are 2921. Median room in a house in 4.5 rooms per house. 477 houses hold no vehicle while 2916 house hold have one vehicle. 1809 houses holds two vehicle while remaining hold 3 or more vehicles.

Education on Cocoa Beach:

The people of equal or above 25 year of age with high school graduate or higher is 96.1%. While bachelor degree or higher is 20.8%.

Work Force on Cocoa Beach:

The civilian labor force of Cocoa Beach, above the age of 16 years is 49.5% of the total population. Out of the total labor workforce 44.8% is the female population while 55.8% is male workforce.

Tourism on Cocoa Beach:

Cocoa Beach is one of the most affordable spot for the tourism. The estimated number of visitors per day who visit the Cocoa Beach is 2.4 Million. The major problem of the city is parking for the tourism. In order to promote the tourism more parking’s required to accommodate the visitors. The highest number of visitors come for the Easter surfing festival where on the first year of its start it cross the figure of 100 thousand peoples. Other events include the airshows and it attracts around 30 thousand visitors.

Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach is an out of the world tourism space to spend vacations with your family. You can hike through the natural reserves or you can surf the waves if you are wave’s surfer. The Cocoa Beach contain NASA launch head quarter where you can touch a launch place and it is only one place in its nature. On the Kennedy space center visitor can watch a giant rocket or train in space flight simulator. You can also meet a veteran astronaut.

The beach contain more things then sun and fun on the beach. The wild life lovers have an opportunity to hire a boat and take a look of extra ordinary ECO tour adventure. This tour will give you the opportunity to go close with the Florida wild life. Deep sea fishing is also an option of Cocoa Beach for the deep sea fishing lovers. There is also a lot of hotels and dining spots where you can refresh yourself with energy in cool environment.

As the Cocoa Beach is close and just a few minutes away from the fast growing port Canaveral where you can hire an affordable cruise ship.  Below is some of famous places to visit in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Cocoa Island, Florida:

The total area of this wilderness is above forty miles. This is the place where one can feel the real nature and true spirit of nature. Peace and harmony and quiet environment with sound of air and water is amazing. It contains over 1000 species of plants, 117 species of fish, 68 amphibians and reptiles, 330 birds, and 31 mammal species. Of these species, 21 are listed as endangered either by the state of Florida or by the US federal government.

There is a $10.00 daily fee per vehicle for entry into Black Point Wildlife drive and the boat ramps. Yearly passes are available at the Visitor Information Center for $25. Cash or check only. Visitors can pay entrance fees by cash or check at the Visitor Center between 9 am and 4 pm daily or with exact change at the self-pay stations when the Visitor Center is closed.

Annual & Lifetime Permits fee charges for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge:

  • $25 Annual Refuge Pass (valid only at Merritt Island NWR)
  • $25 Federal Duck Stamp (valid at all National Wildlife Refuges)
  • $40 Canaveral National Seashore Annual Pass (Valid only at Canaveral NS and Merritt Island NWR)
  • $80 Interagency Annual Pass
  • $80 Interagency Senior Pass (lifetime pass)
  • $0 Interagency Access Pass (lifetime pass)

Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory

Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory:

This is the largest Planetarium feature start show of the Florida. Also known as AMPO, Contains exhibits halls, multimedia class rooms and Gallery. The 210-seat planetarium theater is a 70-foot overhead hemisphere onto which images from a variety of projectors are shone, to simulate the night sky and to provide multimedia educational and entertainment programs to area schools and to the public. It provide the Laser shows and a big 3 Stories IWERKS cinema. The building also houses a fully accessible observatory, a hands-on demonstration hall and a museum honoring space explorers from around the world.

Coca Beach Skate Park

Cocoa Beach Skate Park:

Cocoa Beach Skate Park is constructed in 2005. Skate Park is not only a source of entertainment but also produced some of the major players. It have a bowl section and a street park. Wearing helmet is compulsory for skating. The person below 18 year of age is not allowed. The park is totally free and not charge any fee for skating. Smoking is not allowed and sitting on the edges of bowl is also not allowed. The lighting facility is available so you can skate at night. The timing of Skating is Monday to Thursday 3:30 PM to 9:00PM and Saturday and Sunday it remain open from 10am to 10PM. Friday 2:30 PM to 10PM while on holidays it remain open 10AM to 10PM. BMX is also not allowed on Cocoa Beach Skate Park, Florida.

Dinosaur museum 1

The Dinosaur Store & Museum, Cocoa Beach, Florida:

This Museum is one of its nature in the world. It have some of most incredible fossils and minerals. The Dinosaur Store contain authentic shark teethes. Authentic Dinosaur Eggs, meteorites and amber specimens are also one of main concern for its visitors. Dinosaur teeth & Dinosaur claw are also present in the museum. Visitors will have loads of fun exploring the museum's kid-friendly Adventure Zone which features a digging area where kids and families can uncover fossils in the Egyptian ruins, pan for minerals at the sluice or control the movement of dinosaurs.

The store also contain book of Dinosaurs and T shirts printed with Dinosaur of different types. The adventure zone is located inside the Dino Store and it remain open for full week without any holidays.

Crime Rate in Cocoa Beach:

The Crime Rate Index of Cocoa Beach is only 2. That mean city is safer then 2% cities of United States. Chances of becoming victim on Cocoa Beach is 1 in 190 while in Florida it is 1 in 232. The below tables show the number of Crimes in a year as per FBI report.

Cocoa Beach Annual Crimes




Number of Crimes




Crime Rate 




(per 1,000 residents)

Below table shows the comparison of Crime Rate of Cocoa Beach with United States.







Report Total





Rate per 1,000






POPULATION: 323,127,513





Report Total





Rate per 1,000





stand up paddle lessons cocoa beach

Climate of Cocoa Beach:

The Cocoa Beach have a subtropical weather. That mean summer is hot, sunny and humid. The winter of Cocoa Beach have a Sunny environment while cold nights. The rain fall often on the beach.

Monthly Normal and Record High and Low Temperatures














Rec High °F













Norm High °F













Norm Low °F













Rec Low °F













Precip (in)













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