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Myrtle Beach United States information and crime rate

It is located on the eastern cost of the United States in Horry County. It is the second fastest growing city and most of the economy is dependent on the tourism. 27109 is the total population of the city as per the census of 2010. Now population increased to 32240. In the history of old tribes like Waccamaw tribe the main source of income and food was fishing.

Myrtle Beach Airport:

Myrtle Beach airport was constructed in 1937 and then taken over by the United States army. The commercial operation of airport was resumed in 1976. In 2010 a new terminal on airport is build. According to Koppen climate classification the beach is humid subtropical climate. The season of summer is long as compare to the winter and also humid.

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Demographics of Myrtle Beach:

Around 73 percent of people are white while 13 percent are black. Native American Asian and some other small ethnicity are also found on the Myrtle beach. The city is hosting over 14 million people each year. Round about 100 thousand visitors come from overseas.

Activities for Tourists:

Thongs or any swimmer suit showing the buttocks are not allowed on the beach and on violation you may be fined or jailed or both. This ordinance is in force since 1990. A major event is Harley bike rallies. Which attract around 200 thousand people in the city for this specific event. A large number of shopping malls are found on the beach which also attract the tourists. Baseball is one of the famous game on the beach. Golf is also played on the island and contain golf course.

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Crime Rate on Myrtle Beach:

Crime rate on Myrtle Beach is high as compare to South Carolina. As per FBI report the violent crime in year 2016 was 583 which was further splint as 5 as murder crimes. 46 cases of rape was reported while 139 cases of robbery were reported in the same year. Aggravated assault 348, Property crime 4395, Burglary 469, Larceny theft 3555, Motor vehicle theft 371, and Arson 10. 0.16 Murders per 1000, 1.43 Rape cases per thousand, 4.31 Robbery per thousand, 10.83 Assaults Per thousand is the average crime rate. From the states of FBI for 2010 it is easy to say that crime increase as the total violent crime in 2010 report were 483 with one murder and 39 rapes in the year.


Crime Report Total 5 46 139 349
Crime Rate per 1,000 0.16 1.43 4.31 10.83

Pictures of Myrtle Beach:

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