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The Pakiri Beach Auckland, New Zealand

The Pakiri beach is located in Auckland, which is the former Rodney District of New Zealand. On the southeast side of beach about 9km the Leigh, is located. The Pakiri river flow on the north east side. The total length of the beach is 14km with white sandy beach. The facilities on the beach is very limited but still this is a very populous place for the swimmer, fish hunters and surfers. A number of people come to visit the beach in summer because of is beautiful sight.

Pikiri Beach Horse Riding

Pakiri beach horse riding club:

Pakiri beach horse ride club is located ninety minutes driver from Auckland city. Pakiri riding club have the following options for the tourists.

  • Day rides contain 1 hour, 2 hour, half day and full day rides.
  • Overnight safari is 2 days horse trekking trip.
  • Kids riding camps are 3 to 5 days activity at camps.
  • Corporate trainings are for professional people who like to ride horses.
  • Rahuis ride is three days horse trek.
  • Warriors trail is our five days horse trek.
  • On special request the club can arrange a longer trip for you.

Accommodation in Pakiri Beach

Accommodation at Pakiri beach:

Now you can stay on Pakiri beach and you have five good types of accommodations to stay there.

Sugar Shack:

Sugar shack is 2 bedroom beach which is located on the river side. This casual Pakiri beach includes cute and compact open plan living, with all the basics for a classic kiwi stay... The living area and kitchen are separated from the bedrooms by the externally accessed bathroom.

River side Cabins:

River side Cabins are three small cabins and include a cabin for kitchen facility for your ease to cook. These are also located on the river side. The two cabins are single bed while one cabin is queen size bed.

Sea View Cabins:

Sea view cabin is a single cabin for a couple. This accommodation is fitted with the queen size bed for comfortable stay of the couple. It also include a dining area a kitchen ate and a bathroom.

Pohutukawa Cabin:

Pohutukawa Cabin are totally two in number and each is fitted with a queen size bed. It is perfect for two couple if you want to go with your friend its perfect for you. It also have all the facilities like kitchen and bedroom etc.

Ngapeka Cabin:

Ngapeka is option for those who want a bigger accommodation. These houses are located on beach front and contain 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms accommodation. This house is located in the sand dunes. It is a lavish house which contain 2 stories.

Fishing at Pakiri beach

Fishing at Pakiri Beach:

After a lot of data no authentic website is found for the fishing on beach of Pakiri. The data below is generated from user’s comments from different website who successfully caught fishes in the area of Pakiri Beach.

Fishing at Pakiri Beach Northern End Fish Point.

Darren Wiblin reported that 1.5km down from Pakiri beach at the northern end he placed 10 hooks for fishing first time and caught 100% fishes on 10 hooks. Later he set up 9 hook and caught 9 fishes which is 100% result for this site. He Caught snappers. The weight of fishes was 1 to 4 kgs.

Fishing at Gray Fallen point about Te Arai Point Fishing:

He said that it is very hard to get place for fishing on this spot as a lot of people know about this place on Pakiri beach. The method he adopted was kite fishing. He placed 19 hooks with 50/50 bait of mullet and trevally. The hooks left in water time was around 50 Minutes and he caught 5 snapper fish. He suggested fresh bait for hunt.

Fishing at East coast of Pakiri Beach:

Tony Telbot reported that on the east coast, He caught and wounded by one giant snapper of more than ten kg. He also reported a string ray of around 20kg which he caught a week ago at same place.

Pakiri School:

Pakiri school is a Primary school from 1-8. It is a co-education school as per education count institute New Zealand. Education medium is English Medium for all students. Most children are of Māori descent and are affiliated to Ngati Wai and Ngati Manuhiri. School adopted modern system of education in 2015.

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